sustainable product info.

Kit Components


Wood & Branches - wands are forged from re-claimed, pruned branches (magical trees, of course.)  We also act as tree maintenance wizards and offer to pick up debris.  For swords, we find untreated, used flooring or barn wood and other odd things our friends can track down across town. If you are located in Cascadia and have a supply of branches or wood debris, please contact us! 

Packaging -all paper is 100% recycled content and plastic bags are made from 100% recycled content. They are even compostable and biodegradable!

Feathers- we love chickens. and scrub jays and all our feathered friends who contribute to our company.  We gather from local farmers and neighborhood walks.

Accoutrements- all jewels and sparkly things are procured from thrift stores and estate sales.  We also have dear friends who pass on their old treasures to become new treasures. (Thank you!)

Sword scabbards- all fabric is reclaimed and sewn with love in Central Oregon. 

Hemp twine- we get our hemp from hemp traders- check out their story here-

Instruction Booklets- we went to the best zine maker around.  Straight out of Oregon, we love Rachel and know you will too-

Printing- all printing is done by local paper wizards Aaron and Butch at Bend Rubber Stamp Printing in Downtown Bend, OR.




For questions or more information on our sustainable practices, please contact